Disposal of the unwated old sofa

Unwanted Old Furniture

The GDL Junk Removal Services team removes and hauls away any unwanted furniture: old couches, sofas, dining tables, playsets, trampolines or patio furniture, from your home or business.


Three Seat Sofa: $ 175.00

Love Seat: $ 125.00

Armchair $ 100.00

Sleeper Sofa: $ 200.00

Sectional: $ 175.00      Upstairs: $ 200.00

Bench: $ 90.00

Special Note: There will be an extra charge for a special-handled mattress or any other type of furniture that has been in contact or has live pests(Bedbugs, flees and roaches) living in it and refrigerators/freezers with spoiled or rotten food.


Bed Bug infested furniture: $ 150.00